Actor Yoo AhIn Continues To Be Victimized by Han SeoHee and Alleged Feminists

The South Korean actor’s Zucchini Gate incident is proving to be a headache not just for himself but the entire netizen community as well.

The whole thing started when Yoo AhIn responded to a netizen’s unpleasant comment while using the term ‘zucchini’, a metaphoric term that refers to a man’s genitals in South Korea. Soon after, he was accused of being derogatory, inappropriate, and condescending towards women. Whether Yoo AhIn is actually a misogynist is actually not even a question to ask at this point since the gender of the netizen that triggered the actor was never disclosed, to begin with.

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After apologizing for causing an online commotion, the actor also stated he himself was a feminist. This was when Han SeoHee, a mysterious self-declared feminist girl that appeared from nowhere on the radar who also ran into trouble involving marijuana with Big Bang’s T.O.P a few months back, replied to the actor’s comments by telling him to stop pretending to be a feminist. She has also said to the actor that his genitals are small and he is a homosexual.

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While it seems that Yoo AhIn was just simply careless with the way he responded, opinions about which side is actually misusing feminism continues to differ among South Korean netizens. What do you think? We’d like to hear about your opinion on the matter.


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Korean Actor Yoo Ah In Explains His Stance On Gay Rumor

SBS’s 25th anniversary drama, “Six Flying Dragons“starring Yoo Ah-in, Kim Myung-min and Shin Se-kyung will premiere soon. It will tell the story of six ambitious and successful characters including Prince Lee Bang Won, who helped his father King Taejo establish the foundation of the generation. 

Famous actor Yoo Ah In have been accused of being gay. As the historical drama approached, a rumor, that has swirled around him, resurfaces again in the showbiz. Actually, the rumors about his sexuality have regularly appeared on gossip site for years because he was witnessed drinking at a gay bar in Itaewon several times. When the rumors get worse, Yoo Ah In has broken his silence to offer his side of the rumor through an interview. 

yoo ah in gay


When he was asked about his sexuality during the interview, he responded as below :

[Cine21] Interview Yoo Ah In about his photo in a cafe ; some people think it is gay cafe.

Q. This may be an embarrassing question, but a picture of you sitting on a purple sofa and applying lip balm made its rounds on the internet and was used as “evidence” that Yoo Ah In is gay. Netizens framed all kinds of guesses and comments as if they were testimonials and spread them around, but you wrote underneath the photo, ‘Try what you will.’

A. I wanted to make them ashamed of themselves. The actual person behind the distorted and misrepresented rumors going around is like this. Play with it if you want. It was that kind of feeling. I was hurt; I was frustrated. Not because they were talking about something that embarrassed me, but because I didn’t like that I had become a toy for anyone. I could have just deleted the photo to stop the rumors if I didn’t want them to spread, but I wanted them to look back on this after some time had passed and be ashamed of themselves.


While some might be shocked to hear the actor as gay, but someone’s sexuality is something that’s celebrated, not speculated about. Meanwhile, after a press conference for his drama today, it’s getting Hongsik, which is Yoo’s real name, trending within a short amount of time on Twitter.

Hahn SeoHee Profile: TOP of BIG BANG’s Ex Girlfriend and Ex Drug Mate

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    It’s not been so long since TOP of BIG BANG was arrested for doing drugs. When he got caught, a new name “Hahn SeoHee” rose up to the surface. She was a trainee, entertainment not known, who did drugs with TOP.

    As the case grew bigger, they appointed each other for who brought in the drugs. During their fierce fight over the matter, TOP’s lawyer said publicly that “he had stopped doing drugs when he broke up with the girl and that was before he went to serve the military. ” Han SeoHee was not only doing drugs with him but also having a relationship with him.

    Are you curious about TOP’s ex-girlfriend / ex-drug mate? Well, here is a profile of Hahn SeoHee, based on her SNS.


    Hahn SeoHee Profile

    Hahn SeoHee, TOP Drug Issue, TOP and Hahn SeoHee, TOP EX Girlfriend, Hahn SeoHee SNS

    SeoHee Hahn Instagram

    Hahn SeoHee

    Birthday: 1995

    Height: 166 cm

    Weight: 47 kg

    Interesting Facts)

    1. A drug mate with TOP of BIG BANG

    2. Ex-girlfriend of TOP of BIG BANG

    3. Will be debuting on January of 2018 as a girl group.

    4. Calls herself a feminist and show strong disgust in man

    5.Smokes cigarette.

    6. Seems to be born in a rich family

    7. Made it to the TOP 12 of MBC Star Audition Season 3



    Hahn SeoHee, TOP Drug Issue, TOP and Hahn SeoHee, TOP EX Girlfriend, Hahn SeoHee SNS

    SeoHee Hahn Instagram

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