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tvN / Yoon HyunMin's Instagram

Actor Yoon HyunMin is currently acting in the drama “Mama Fairy And The Woodcutter”.

The actor, on November 18th, posted on his Instagram four pictures of him with the caption “When I was a baseball player and during high school with Lee SeungYeop sunbae”

In the pictures, he can be seen wearing the baseball uniform and with a baseball bat in the stadium. Also, he is looking close with Lee SeungYeop. He looks as robust as now.

Actor Yoon HyunMin Reveals Past Pictures Of Him As A Baseball Player

Yoon HyunMin’s Instagram

Netizens commented “Now, he looks as awesome as before”, “He didn’t change”, “He looks cool while playing baseball”, “He looks cool as a baseball player”, etc.

You can follow the actor on his Instagram.


Do you also like his pictures of when he was a baseball player?


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