Actress Ha JiWon is currently filming a medical drama, "Hospital Ship", and it's her first time acting out a doctor in her career life.

As the drama has been getting high expectations from the public, the actors and actresses decided to be on V app while they are shooting, in order to communicate with fans about how the shooting is going and to show behind the scenes. 

In the recent V app, Ha JiWon was on an interview and she suddenly ended the interview with the cutest motion ever!

"Do you remember the moment which Park JiHoon said  "Saving you in my heart!' with a wink in Produce 101? It left a huge impression of him to the public, and guess that included the actress as well. 

Ha JiWon, as ending the interview said, "Saving you in my heart!" with the cutest smile. A second after, she felt too shy to face the camera and tried to hide.

The co actors thought it was really cute and made her try again, this time without the fan in her hand. 

Again the embarrassment just rushes in...

Doesn't she look so lovely doing the "saving" motion and being embarrassed right after? Though she usually takes roles that are quite charismatic, the real Ha JiWon seems to be the bible of loveliness.

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