Actress Jo YoonHee is clearly upset at the moment and the same goes for her husband Lee DongGun as the couple recently discovered that photos of their baby daughter have been spreading online.

The whole thing started when the star couple threw a birthday party for their one year old daughter, inviting many guests.  Later on, they discovered that photos of their baby were being uploaded on Instagram. This also caused the baby to make headlines on some South Korean news agencies as well.

The actress wrote on Instagram requesting that everyone respect their privacy saying

"I would appreciate if everyone helped me out by not spreading photos of my baby any further. Anyone who has "regrammed" (re-posting existing Instagram photos), please delete them."


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Dec 11, 2018 01:28 pm

I am not anywhere near being a celeb, but would truly be upset if my child's picture is all over the internet without my permission. My daughter's school even asks for signed consent for any picture upload. They are celebrities with every right for this request.