Kim HeeJung's Instagram

On April 22nd, actress Kim HeeJung shared on her Instagram a stunning picture of her on holidays.

Kim HeeJung debuted as a child actress in 2000 and acted in various dramas mainly as supporting roles in "Who Are You : School 2015" (2015), "Rebel" (2017), "Reunited Worlds" (2017) and "Return" (2018).

The actress is currently resting. On the uploaded picture, the actress is wearing a swimsuit and drinking a fresh beverage. She is enjoying the hot weather of what seems to be a nice place.

She looks stunningly beautiful and grabs fans' attention. They commented "You look like a doll"or "You are so pretty". Others fans reacted to her caption "J'adore baby" - partially written in French - by commenting that they love the fact that she used French and that they love her too.

It is not the first time that the actress uploads amazing pictures of her on a trip. For example, she took this picture in Bali on March 31st.

Actress Kim HeeJung Stunned Fans With Her New Instagram Picture

Kim HeeJung's Instagram


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