Actress Son TaeYoung and her agency is currently being criticized by South Korean netizens when it was revealed that her son was sitting in the reserved section of the seats during the MMA 2018.

Reserved sections are seats specifically for artists and it seems that the sight of the actress's son sitting in the area has triggered South Korean netizens. But it's not surprising that such scenarios can be prone to controversies as South Korea isa country that is usually very sensitive when it comes to notions of preferential treatments based on a person's status.

Her agency H8, recently released an official statement of apology along with an explanation as to why the actress's son was sitting in the reserved section.

It turns out that her son merely wanted to see his mother speak on stage, which prompted one of the staff members to escort her son temporarily towards the reserved section, which is located close to the stage. As soon as the awards were handed out, it was reported that her son also left the area quickly.


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