We all know the hit songs from global superstars BTS such as 'DNA', 'Fake Love', 'Euphoria', 'IDOL', and etc.. But you might wonder if there are other songs by the idol group that are worth listening to, even if they aren't singles.

Fortunately, BTS are very hardworking when it comes to making music, and frequently put out music that circulate on Soundcloud and other online communities.

You can check them out below!


Born Singer

Born Singer is a reinterpretation of J. Cole's original song. It was put out around the time they idol group debuted. The song's lyrics express their desire to become singers.


I Know

I Know is a song made by RM in celebration of the group's third anniversary. It was made specially for ARMY.


4 O'Clock

4 O'Clock was first revealed through Soundcloud. It was written by BTS member V. The song was also featured in an episode of drama series 'Heart Signal'.


So 4 More

So 4 More was made in celebration of BTS's first anniversary. The original song was made by hip-hop group 'Pro Era'.


Do You

This work of art is RM's solo mixtape release. His great sense of fashion and expression through rap can be heard through this song.


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