After the scandal surrounding club Burning Sun spiraled out of control, the South Korean authorities recently raided a home of one of the club's staff members.

Inside the suspect's home, police uncovered various different types of drugs including ecstasy, happy balloons, and ketamine.

The police are currently investigating how the suspect was able to acquire the drugs at the moment. Currently, the entire Gangnam district is under heavy surveillance as the police are suspecting that drug trafficking is not exclusive to just the Burning Sun scandal.

This does not play out well for BIGBANG member SeungRi, who was the former director of the club. A police official has stated to the press that opening a thorough investigation into SeungRi is still a definite possibility at the moment as well. The official stated:

"There are considerations being made into whether an investigation should be made on BIGBANG member SeungRi as he was the clubs director during the time of the incident. We are planning on expanding the scope of our investigation that will cover all the clubs in the Gangnam district, the owners of the clubs, and the staff members as well."


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