One of the most highly anticipated historical dramas of 2021, "Lovers of the Red Sky" starring Kim YooJung and Ahn HyoSeop in the leading roles of Hong CheonGi and Ha Ram, is garnering more and more love from viewers for its gripping storyline.

Spoiler Alert!

If you're caught up with the latest episodes of "Lovers of the Red Sky", you must remember the epic fight that ensues when Ma Wang awakens inside Ha Ram in pursuit of Hong CheonGi because he has finally found his eyes. As Ha Ram jumps from tree to tree, leaping across miles, he pauses for a second or two to look around.

Ahn HyoSeop's Finger Heart In "Lovers Of The Red Sky" Draws Attention As The Latest Meme On Everyone's Mind


In one of those moments, as he points to something, it looks exactly as if he's doing a finger heart! As a matter of fact, so many viewers thought that it was most definitely a finger heart that fans have been flooding online communities with memes about the same.

You can see some of our favourites below!

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