AhReum mentioned that she’s “endured a lot”, speaking up about the controversy between T-ARA and HyoYoung.

AhReum posted on her Instagram on 9th, “I’ve really endured a lot. Beyond everything, I’m really thankful for the reporter who posted my past pictures. Let’s meet soon. I don’t know but, if you are reading this.. Reporter-nim, have strength ^^ Let’s live today like nothing has happened. I’m ok”

She uploaded the post with a screenshot of the lyrics for Park HyoShin’s ‘Gift’, seeming to mention how she feels regarding the controversy between T-ARA and HyoYoung.

Recently, someone claiming to be former T-ARA staff has recently uploaded screenshots of HyoYoung sending threatening messages to AhReum. HyoYoung has admitted sending those messages to AhReum out of love for her sister, HwaYoung.

AhReum Mentions How She Feels About HyoYoung’s Messages


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