Dark EunHa

EunHa of GFriend has a unique look of her own. She has a cat-eye that doesn't look so mean, however, she isn't all puppy-eye innocent looking.

Her chicky look matches well with her distinctive voice. Her genuine high pitch tone goes perfectly when she sings loves songs that make your heart flatter. Because of her tone of singing and her looks, her fashion coordinator seems to dress her up in tight mini dress or tennis skirts that represent her image. No big differences are seen when she is dressed on her own. She knows what fits her and she wears them comfortably. Her fashion isn't sophisticated, but she dresses up like the people of her age with a cute chicky style.


1st - EunHa's Genuine Style

Airport Fashion 101: EunHa of GFriend

Dark EunHa / Magellan / 10 Asia


2nd - The Summer Look That Never Grows Old

Airport Fashion 101: EunHa of GFriend

Newsen / Galaxy


3rd - Wearing it Comfy 

Airport Fashion 101: EunHa of GFriend

for my queen / MAGELLAN


4th - Overly Big Jumpers goes Perfect with Shorts

Airport Fashion 101: EunHa of GFriend

Sports TV Star / BNT / Star Journal

Must Read : Teaser )) GFriend ‘Summer Rain’ Concept Photo (YuJu, EunHa Ver.)

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