Hani of EXID is one of the idols with the perfect body. She doesn't look too skinny, but she looks fit. Her height is quite taller than average, but it's her legs which take the longer portion so, her proportion is great. Due to her perfectly slim long-legged body, she can almost pull off any type of styles.

EXID is well know for their sexy concepts. Hani and the rest of the members usually wear shorts with tight top. Such tightness and shortness do emphasize how great her body is. However, she seems to enjoy more down to earth styles when she is down from the stage. She seems to match colorful t-shirts with tight jeans or pants that emphasizes her long legs when she is on TV programs. Sometimes, she is on mini dresses, which of course look great on her as well. 

However, whatever she wears on stage or on TV shows are all given by her fashion coordinator. What does she enjoy wearing when she can choose for herself?

Let's check out Hani's airport fashion and figure out what kind of styles she enjoys wearing.

1st - The Classic Look

Airport Fashion 101: Hani of EXID

Osen / SeoKyung St


2nd - The Comfy Look

Airport Fashion 101: Hani of EXID

10 Asia / Star Journal


3rd - Fall is the season of Jackets

Airport Fashion 101: Hani of EXID

Style / Newsen / SeoKyung ST


4th - Different Styles From a Leather Jacket

Airport Fashion 101: Hani of EXID

10 Asia / My Daily


5th - Pulling off Short Skirts

Airport Fashion 101: Hani of EXID

starnews / johahani

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