If it were not for the fans who know each member's age, others may think that Im HyunSik is the youngest of BTOB.

Fans call him "Im Aggi" which means Baby Hyunsik. Among BTOB, his got the most Aggyo and smile innocently as a child. Not to forget, the playful comical energy he always has with him. Staffs in charge of HyunSik are so used to him playing around like 5 years old child.  Now, we have to consider that BTOB is one of the craziest, wildest and most comical group among idols.

Guess what. HyunSik is treated as a baby by those baseline-comical childish people. 

BTOB including HyunSik has a great concentration and passion for their music. They cannot be more serious when they are on stage. However, just as they come down, we know what happens.

Now, we might wonder, would HyunSik's fashion styles be children-like as well as his personality? Well, Let's check them out!

1st - Looking Great in Stripped Shirts

Airport Fashion 101: Im HyunSik of BTOB

Chic News / Star Daily News / DC Gallery


2nd- The Jockey

Airport Fashion 101: Im HyunSik of BTOB

SeoKyung ST / DC Gallery


3rd- Cute  Match of Hat with Shirts

Airport Fashion 101: Im HyunSik of BTOB

honeystar0307/ meloverse


4th - Casual Men's Fashion (feat. Great Proportion)

Airport Fashion 101: Im HyunSik of BTOB


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