It's not a bluff to say the summer of 2017 was all about Red Velvet and their music.

Red Velvet's 'Red Flavor' was the hottest, probably most played and best fit for the hot summer. Their styles were such a huge hit as well. All member had every spotlight from fashion critics and fans on their styles each time they were on camera. The distinctive styles of each member left plenty to talk about, but among them, Joy's change of style was something huge. Her red hair definitely upgraded her beauty and made their overall concept extra special.

We paid close attention to her while she was on stage and on TV shows. But do we know about her style when she is dressed on her own. Here are some genuine styles of Joy caught in the airport!

The Classy Lady LooK

Airport Fashion 101: Joy of Red Velvet

10asia / with you / Dc Gallery


The University Student LooK

Airport Fashion 101: Joy of Red Velvet



The Lovely Dressy LooK

Airport Fashion 101: Joy of Red Velvet

Newsen / news1 / 10asia

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Aug 24, 2017 02:28 am

Joy is super hot these days!!!