Airport Fashion 101: JungYeon of TWICE

JungYeon, among the beautiful members of TWICE, has a clear color of her own. She doesn’t have the typical goddess look such as a long curly hair, but she has the cat look with her short cut hair, big sharp eyes and chic yet sweet personality.

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JungYeon is one of the girl idols who are called “handsome” rather than pretty. It’s true that she doesn’t look so girlish as rest of the members, but no one can deny, she is the most handsome member among the group and more over among girl idols. Her features are very neutral, which lures both male and female fans.

Because her style is very neutral, she fits pretty well with most of the clothes from the most girlish ones like cheer leading suits to boyish looks like a cap and a jumper.

Here are some of JungYeon’s style caught in the airport!

1st – Her Identity, CHIC as a BLACK CAT

JungYeon, TWICE, Airport TWICE profile

J_Y_MOM / exsponews / asia today / star journel


2nd – She knows how to handle big bright colors

JungYeon, TWICE, Airport TWICE profile

The Studio Spinel / UTIFUL


3rd – Being Boyish and Girlish at the same time

JungYeon, TWICE, Airport TWICE profile

intronews / DC Gallary


4th – The Baby Boy Fashion

JungYeon, TWICE, Airport TWICE profile


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Who is Who? JungYeon of Twice Finds Herself in Her Older Sister

JungYeon of TWICE had a style of her own. She didn’t really have someone looking alike with her within celebrities. Her pixie hair was like her symbol, and though she let her hair grow a little longer, she still didn’t look so much alike with celebs with short hair.

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However, recently, her replica was found. The cat eyes, the sharp noes, the fair skin and the short hair. Not to mention the chic aurora JungYeon had. Can you guess who could possibly have such similarities?

JungYeon,TWICE, JungYeon and Gong SeungYeon

DC Gallary / JungYeon Instagram

It’s Gong SeungYeon, an actress, who is also known as JungYeon’s older sister!

She doesn’t really look alike with her younger sister, did she? Yes she did not, in the past. 

However, in the latest selfie SeungYeon posted, she appeared to have a short hair. Fans say, sane bloodline cannot not be hidden, which means those who share DNA cannot help but to look alike. 

JungYeon,TWICE, JungYeon and Gong SeungYeon

DC Gallary / JungYeon Instagram

So, what about you? Do you look alike with your sisters and brother? Or do you already hate to being similar.

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JeongYeon of TWICE, Officially Become Tzuzy’s Mommy

JeongYeon of TWICE was famous for taking good care of her members, especially Tzuzy. 

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Recently in one event of POCARI SWEAT, she was caught holding Tzuzy’s skirt because it kept flapping upwards by the wind. 

TWICE, JungYeon, Tzuzy, JungYeon and Tuzy, TWICE Cute Moments, TWICE Moments


Another beautifully cute moment was caught where JeongYeon, the mommy of Tzuzy persuade Tzuzy to put down one desert since they already have a lot, while baby Tzuzy disagrees to her mommy and tries to stop her. 


Tzuzy looks so adorable stopping JeongYeon’s arm and looking at her with puppy eyes!! She is like a 5 years old child asking her mom whether if she can buy one more pack of jellies. Not to forget JeongYeon and her warm looks she gives to Tzuzy!! Wish I could get such a warm look by my mom when I ask her to buy me something!

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