Airport Fashion 101: NaYeon of TWICE

Despite the fact that she is the oldest member in TWICE, NaYeon is considered as one of cutest member. 

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Because of her undeniably young looking face and rabbit teeth, her playful smile pure as that of 5 years old, serves as a symbol of her. Her heart shaped lips is another charming point of her.Another reason why fans dig for her smile is because it’s not only her fingers that making a perfect hearts but also her lips. Her short height plays its part in making her look like a naughty fairy. However, despite her short height, she’s got a great proportion. Her pale skin lets her pull off bold colors, not only in clothes but also hair. 

Now, guess how this playful rabbit of TWICE like to dress up?! Here are compilation of NaYeon’s airport fashion!

1st – The Comfy Look 



2nd – How to Pull of Skirts

DC Gallery / Cherry Cakk / Topstarnews


3rd – The Fancy Jacket is always for Dull Winter

Dispatch // NaSoong_Hing /  Cherry Cakk


4th – Stripes Look Best Not Only on Zebras but also on Rabbits

Slow Walk /10Asia / Iumiere tears


5th – The Fall is Here

news 1 / IlGan Sports / Osen

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Airport Fashion 101: JungYeon of TWICE

JungYeon, among the beautiful members of TWICE, has a clear color of her own. She doesn’t have the typical goddess look such as a long curly hair, but she has the cat look with her short cut hair, big sharp eyes and chic yet sweet personality.

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JungYeon is one of the girl idols who are called “handsome” rather than pretty. It’s true that she doesn’t look so girlish as rest of the members, but no one can deny, she is the most handsome member among the group and more over among girl idols. Her features are very neutral, which lures both male and female fans.

Because her style is very neutral, she fits pretty well with most of the clothes from the most girlish ones like cheer leading suits to boyish looks like a cap and a jumper.

Here are some of JungYeon’s style caught in the airport!

1st – Her Identity, CHIC as a BLACK CAT

JungYeon, TWICE, Airport TWICE profile

J_Y_MOM / exsponews / asia today / star journel


2nd – She knows how to handle big bright colors

JungYeon, TWICE, Airport TWICE profile

The Studio Spinel / UTIFUL


3rd – Being Boyish and Girlish at the same time

JungYeon, TWICE, Airport TWICE profile

intronews / DC Gallary


4th – The Baby Boy Fashion

JungYeon, TWICE, Airport TWICE profile


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Airport Fashion 101: Momo of TWICE

If you were keeping a close eye on Momo of TWICE, you might have notice her love for shorts and jackets.

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Whatever the weather is like for the day, she always wears shorts, mostly jean shorts. If it gets cold, she wears stocking beneath it, and grabs a jacket. If the weather is warm and mild, she seem to enjoy simple clothing. 

Her airport fashion gave us a lot of tips for summer and early & late summer. Her fashion is overall, very simple, however, since her body ain’t simple, whatever she wears look extra ordinary.

Here are some of Momo’s favorite items shown in airport. 

1st – When the Weather is Hot, Keep Things Simple

Momo, Momo of TWICE, TWICE Fashion, Momo Airport, Momo Fashion

10asia / pinterest / sportstv star


2nd – Formality + Informality, Blazers Go Well With Jeans

Momo, Momo of TWICE, TWICE Fashion, Momo Airport, Momo Fashion

news1/ seokyung st


3rd – Stadium Jackets Are Good Match with Shorts

Momo, Momo of TWICE, TWICE Fashion, Momo Airport, Momo Fashion

the studio spinel / sports news chosun / xsports news


4th – Whatever the Weather is, One Must Have a Cute and Unique Jacket

Momo, Momo of TWICE, TWICE Fashion, Momo Airport, Momo Fashion

studio spinel / seokyung st / etnews

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