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When analyzing the styles of celebs through their airport fashion, we can see what color fits one well and what style one enjoys wearing and can pull off best.

However, we are lost, lost analyzing what Suzy can pull off the best and what color she looks best in. Why? Because it's not the matter of clothes anymore. No attention is left to mind what she is wearing. Her goddess looks and aura and overrule our minds and lure us. The clothes? Well, they do play an important role. However, things went vice-versa for Suzy, because it is the clothes that look better than it is due to the person wearing it.

It's kinda pointless to analyze what she had pulled off, but still, someone's gotta work here. Let's just lay back and be enraptured by her beauty.

1st - Her Personal Color (among many more) must be beige emphasizing her fair skin

Airport Fashion 101: Suzy

DC Gallery / TV Daily / suzyramyun


2nd - Pulling off semi suits with both the boyish and feministic charmsAirport Fashion 101: Suzy

sports today / DC Gallery / Yoon MinHoo


3rd-  The goddess has descended to the airport feat. Long skirt styles

Airport Fashion 101: Suzy

DC Gallery


4th - Wearing comfy yet with one fabulous item to grab attention 

Airport Fashion 101: Suzy

Moon Light / Star Daily News / DC Gallery

Must Read : Photo )) Suzy X GUESS For HIGH CUT Magazine

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