AleXa YouTube Screenshot

AleXawill be returning with a new single in early March!

On Feb. 24, AleXa had uploaded the comeback teaser for 'Prelude' on her official YouTube channel. Take a look for yourself below!

Since it was only 12 seconds, many fans felt that it was extremely short and wanted to see even more from her.

Previously, AleXa had debuted with 'BOMB' back in October in 2019 and since then, she had gained a lot of attention because of her unique music style and concept. 'BOMB' was a track based on AFROBEAT and DANCEHALL genre, making it an addictive and head bobbing song.

In addition, AleXa had also previously released cover videos with MAMAMOO's MoonByul for her solo track 'Eclipse' and Sonnet Son for 'Sway With Me'.  Her collaborations with the 2 artists had garnered once again a lot of attention.

AleXa's new single music video will be pre-released on Feb. 25, 11 am KST at her official YouTube channel.

Are you ready for her?


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