BIG BANG is headed to "Radio Star" to turn up and sit down for a hilarious time of talk and performance stages!

According to sources, all 5 members of BIG BANG will be guest starring on a special episode of MBC's "Radio Star". The set date for the filming or broadcast has yet to be decided, but the news mill is buzzing with excitement for it will be the group's first ever appearance on the show.

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Sports Chosun reported, "Just the fact that all 5 members, T.O.P, G-Dragon, TaeYang, DaeSung, and SeungRi, will be appearing on the show is an incredible casting." The source got V.I.P's hearts thudding with news saying, "Not only will the 5 members share inside stories and test out the chemistry with the 4 MCs, you can also look forward to live performances."

The "Radio Star" appearance news is also important for the fact that T.O.P will be enlisting in the military soon. This just may be the last talk show appearance with all 5 members for a very long time.

BIG BANG's final and full album of their "M.A.D.E" series will drop on December 12th at midnight. Following, the boys are set to hold a series of concerts all over Asia.

All 5 Members of BIG BANG to Appear on "Radio Star"


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