A Chinese woman known as "Anna", who has been accused of distributing drugs at club Burning Sun, has recently been taken into custody by the South Korean police for investigation.

The woman first appeared on the radar after a photo of her and BIGBANG member SeungRi who is also the former director of Burning Sun, resurfaced online after the club's scandal involving the use of date rape drugs, sexual assault, and physical assault.

She stated in an interview:

"It is very unfair. I don't even smoke. I was not distributing drugs at the club. The liquid that the authorities seized at my house is cat eye medicine and laundry detergent."

Alleged Drug Dealer "Anna" Explains The Nature Of Her Relationship With BIGBANG SeungRi

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The police have not yet released conclusive reports and results pertaining to the items seized from "Anna"'s home.

In addition, "Anna" spoke about her relationship with SeungRi as well. While it was initially believed by netizens that the K-Pop idol was an acquaintance that "Anna" personally knew, she has revealed that they do not know each other personally. SeungRi himself has denied knowing "Anna" personally and explained that he assumed she was just a fan when taking a photograph with her.

"Anna" is currently banned from leaving South Korea as the investigation on Burning Sun, and potential drug trafficking in the Gangnam district, is still ongoing.


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