The Chinese woman known as "Anna", who allegedly dealt the date rape drugs at club Burning Sun, previously owned by BIGBANG member SeungRi, has recently been called in for questioning by the South Korean authorities. In addition, the CEO of the club, Lee MinHo, too has been taken into police custody for questioning.

"Anna" first caught the attention of the public when a photo of her and BIGBANG member SeungRi that was taken years ago resurfaced online.

The woman reportedly worked at club Burning Sun as an illegal alien in South Korea and distributed drugs to customers.

Alleged Drug Dealer Woman Photographed With BIGBANG SeungRi & CEO Of Burning Sun Arrested


SeungRi has so far denied that he knows the woman personally and explained that he took the photo assuming that she was just his fan.

"Anna" also happens to be one of the women who has accused Kim SangGyo, the man who was seen getting beaten out side of the club by staff members, of sexual harassment. According to police reports, "Anna" has denied distributing drugs at the club.

As for Lee MinHo, the CEO of the club, he is currently being further investigated by the police on suspicions of drug trafficking and sexual assault.


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