Kakao TV / "Amanza" webtoon

"Amanza" is one more drama of 2020 to be based on webtoon. It is also one of the web dramas of the new platform by Kakao.

The webtoon name in English is "Big See" and is available to read here.

Ji Soo is the lead actor who will act on the challenging role of someone being terminally sick. He has gain popularity with dramas such as "Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo", "Strong Girl BongSoon", "My First First Love", and more.

Lee JongWon ("Method To Hate You", "XX"), and Lee Seol ("Less Than Evil", "When The Devil Calls Your Name") are also acting in the drama.

The drama will also include pretty animations. You can watch it here on Kakao TV.

Here is more information.

Amanza (2020)

"Amanza" (2020 Web Drama): Cast & Summary

Kakao TV


Title: Amanza / Amanza / 아만자

Director: -

Writer: -

Network: Kakao TV

Runtime: From September 1

# of Episodes: 10 episodes of 15 minutes

Genre: Human, Fantasy

Language: Korean


It tells the daily life of a 27-year-old man who discovers he has terminal cancer and he finds out the meaning of living by traveling back and forth between the reality of painful illness and the dream world of exciting adventures.


"Amanza" (2020 Web Drama): Cast & Summary

Kakao TV

Ji Soo as Park DongMyung

He is 27-year-old who is looking for a job. He was diagnosed with terminal stomach cancer.

"Amanza" (2020 Web Drama): Cast & Summary

Kakao TV

Lee Seol as MinJung

DongMyung's caring girlfriend.

"Amanza" (2020 Web Drama): Cast & Summary

Kakao TV

Lee JongWon as Park DongYeon

DongMyung's younger brother. He left his family to pursue his dream. He focuses on his work but feels sorry for his older brother.

"Amanza" (2020 Web Drama): Cast & Summary

Kakao TV

Yoo SeungMok as the father

He is sad and tormented by the disease of his son.

"Amanza" (2020 Web Drama): Cast & Summary

Kakao TV

Oh HyunKyung as the mother

She is suffering from her son's illness.

Posters & Teaser

Here is the first teaser.

Here are the posters.

"Amanza" (2020 Web Drama): Cast & Summary

Kakao TV

"Amanza" (2020 Web Drama): Cast & Summary

Kakao TV

About the webtoon

The drama is based on the webtoon "Amanza" (in Korean "아만자") also named "Big See" in English by Kim BoTong. You can read the webtoon in Korean and in English.

Here is a glimpse at it.

"Amanza" (2020 Web Drama): Cast & Summary

"Amanza" Webtoon

Kakao TV also released special footage to compare the webtoon and web drama.

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