Ambassador Idols: Language Geniuses



Ambassador Idols: Language Geniuses

language genius idols

Let’s see which idols were born with special talent.

K-idols are tired of working on the stuffy schedules every day. When we think about their great talents, we can guess they must have been busy for practicing in their pre-natal times. People say that genius people were born with the talent. This is not exceptional for K-idols. Many of them show off their inborn talents in numbers of special fields. Kpopmap has compiled a number of idols who were born with special feature which has affected their lives considerably.

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As countries get closer and closer to one another because of globalization, speaking a couple of languages is considered as the most important. Like ambassadors, some idols show their great talent in languages, so they can speak at least three different languages. Let’s see which idols are those language geniuses.


CL – 2NE1

4 languages available: Korean, English, Japanese and French. Her educated family background enabled her to acquire 4 languages possible. Her multilingual ability supports her global achievement.

Ambassador Idols: Language Geniuses


HyeRim – Wonder Girls

3 languages available: Korean, English and Chinese. She moved to Hong Kong when she was young to follow her father. Her father is a famous Taekondo master in Hong Kong. Because of her father, she could face multi cultures there.

Ambassador Idols: Language Geniuses


Key – SHINee

3 languages available: Korean, English and Japanese. Because of his parents’ assertion about importance of language, he has learned a number of languages from his childhood. He does English interviews as a representative of his team, SHINee. Moreover, he can speak perfect Nagoya dialect.   

Ambassador Idols: Language Geniuses

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Eric Nam

4 languages available: Korean, English, Spanish and Chinese. Eric is a smart student who longs for more and more things to learn. He graduated Boston College and got the income of year as about 100,000 dollars, but gave up his career and came to Korea for his dream. He gave a tip of his language studying knowhow in a TV show.

Ambassador Idols: Language Geniuses

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