Another Rumor of Choiza an Sulli Getting Back Together Goes Viral

Choiza denied of rumors of him and Sulli getting back together through his SNS.

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Choiza has recently uploaded pictures of two cats and fans were suspicious. There was a picture of cats in Sulli’s SNS in the past.  The rumors went viral, and Sulli’s recent break up added suspicion. Though there is no way we can know about what happened to Sulli, Choiza and Sulli’s ex, we can just assume, Sulli broke up with Choiza because she was in another relationship with her ex, (the boyfriend right after Choiza).

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Choiza Instagram

Since Sulli and Choiza showed such sweet pictures while they are together,  them being back together and Sulli meeting another man was just a fuzz and a love fight between the two were acceptable. However, Choiza posted the following comment under the cat’s picture as rumor spread, They are the babies I raise at home.” Another interpretation of the comment, we are not back together. 

 Sulli is like the Kim Kardashians of Korea, always making an issue whatever she does. However, unlike the long lived issue maker, people are getting pretty tired of Sulli’s news and her fuzz. Hope her next news is about something positive. 

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Rough Times for Kim SooHyun Take Caring of Sulli in Movie Premiers

The movie “REAL” recently had its movie premiers attended by the major actors and actress, Kim SooHyun, Sulli and Sung DongIll

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Like most movie premiers do, the actors and actress were expecting questions about the movie. However, oddly, there weren’t much of those questions, but a lot about Sulli’s Instagram and and kiss scene in the movie. The questions were almost rude and senseless, and they were all poured to Sulli. 

However, she did not seem to mind the rude questions and tried to answer quite thoughtlessly. Sitting next to her, Kim SooHyun looked nervous in the words coming out from her mouth. Unable to bear the nervous feelings, he started to coach her in which questions to answer and how to answer them without making  a fuss.

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When a reporter asked “How would you score Kim SooHyun’s kissing skills?”, Sulli answered “It was delicious!” SooHyun, almost looking pissed said, “Say thing that can be aired.” in an annoyed voice.

Movie Real, Kim SooHyun, Sulli, Kim SooHyun and Sulli

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To be honest, the movie “REAL” isn’t getting much positive comments, yet it’s becoming an issue just by the actors and actress. Kim SooHyun has shown a little tears when he kept getting sarcastic questions from the reporters about how terrible the plot is. 

Movie Real, Kim SooHyun, Sulli, Kim SooHyun and Sulli

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The movie was the last work before his time to serve in and army, however, not much success is expected.

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Sulli Gets Called Out By A Senior Actor At The “Real” Movie Premier

On May 31, Sulli was half an hour late for the film “REAL” press preview. While the actors were doing the interview, Sung DongIl, one of senior actors appearing in “REAL”, called out Sulli’s behavior. What happened?

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The press preview for “REAL” was actually supposed to start 10 minutes earlier than it actually started. After the opening ceremony, Kim SooHyun and Sung DongIl came on stage, followed by Sulli a few minutes later. In Korean society, it is courtesy for the juniors to be early and wait for the seniors.

Sung DongIl commented, “Sulli’s dress looks like a flower exhibition. So, is this dress what made you late coming here?” The famous veteran actor kept mentioning her dress, saying things like, “Anyway, this dress is the best out of everything you tried today. I know you changed your clothes three times.”

At her super senior’s comments, Sulli smiled and explained, “I wanted to look pretty today. This is my first official activity in a long time, as you know.”

In the middle of the press preview, the MC mentioned Sulli’s honest and bold personality, and Sung DongIl added his opinion on it. He said while smiling, “Please don’t ask her any questions. We can’t even imagine what she’s going to say. But, you know, that’s the charming point of Sulli!” At first, netizens were worried about Sung DongIl’s straightforwardness, but after found it as just a joke.

Whether Sulli was getting scolded for being late to an important event, or just bantering with Sung DongIl, her floral dress really did look pretty.


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