SoHye, from I.O.I, starred in a music video of Ra.D’s ‘Nunul Bogo MalHaeyo (Don’t Take Your Eye Off Me)’

Another Talent of SoHye Aside from Being an Idol


SoHye,  after spending time actively being an idol as I.O.I member, she now shows herself to the public through acting. Recently SoHye acted and lip-synced in a famous musician, Ra.D’s music video, and was able to transfer the feelings quite well. Her crying act was not awkward at all, but adequate enough to deliver the message of the lyrics.

Aside from this music video, she also acted in “Queen of the Ring” as an idol member who is in love with a star but be betrayed by him. Her actions of slapping his chin seemed so natural, it felt like she had been acting as her career.  

She is scheduled to be in short dramas upcoming, and fans expect her to be one of the idols who are capable of acting as well. 

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