Group AOA will be holding “ACE OF ANGELS” concert.

On March 11th, AOA will be holding “ACE OF ANGELS” concert at Olympic Hall in the Olympic Park. Following up their album “ANGEL’S KNOCK”, this concert will show everything AOA has prepared for past 5 years.

AOA will show several different concepts to show unique stages in their concert. Not only will they present their hit songs like ‘Short Hair’, ‘Miniskirt’, and ‘Heart Attack’, they will also perform other songs from their albums to fill the set-list. They will also be presenting various performances that will show unique charms of each members. The concert has been prepared to be presented like a “gift” to fans.

AOA currently are undergoing their activities for “ANGEL’S KNOCK” with their double title songs ‘Excuse Me’ and ‘Bing Bing’.

AOA to Hold “2017 AOA 1st CONCERT [ACE OF ANGELS]”

FNC Entertainment

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