AOA JiMin Showered With Hate Comments

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AOA JiMin Showered With Hate Comments

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The problem involving malicious hate comments towards K-Pop celebrities are becoming quite an issue these days, especially more so after the tragic deaths of Sulli and Goo Hara.

Netizens and fans of AOA have recently been busy defending the girl group’s member JiMin. She has recently been bombarded with hate comments left on her social media.

The reason why hate comments were left on her social media account seems to have something to do with her recent appearance on the show ‘Amazing Saturday’.

During the recent episode of the show, HyeRi and JiMin met for the first time ever.

HyeRi was no doubt quite nervous because during previous episodes of the show, she did imitate JiMin’s raps and she wasn’t aware how her fellow idol would have felt about it.

JiMin also stated that because the two never met each other and do now know each other either, she wondered why HyeRi would imitate her.

And the two quickly became friends over the course of the episode, while also following each other on social media as well.

The problem however is what netizens have been saying. Many netizens have been saying that JiMin wasn’t a popular member of AOA and that she should be grateful that HyeRi even mentioned her name and shouldn’t have been so defensive about HyeRi also imitating her.


And not too long after, JiMin uploaded an Instagram story with the captions:

“Hug me.”

aoa jimin


Could this be a cry for help?