AOA’s SeolHyun has become a model for a game again.

SeolHyun has been selected as the official model for a MMORPG game “Daybreak for Kakako” by Line Kong Korea. SeolHyun will not only be promoting through a TV ad but will also promote with on/offline promotions.

Line Kong Korea’s representative stated “We judged that SeolHyun, who is receiving a lot of love from the public with various activities, is the perfect model to work with “Daybreak for Kakako” and promote a fantasy world. Please anticipate for how SeolHyun’s luxurious and bright image mix with the game.”

SeolHyun’s group AOA is currently performing activities with ‘Excuse Me’.

AOA's SeolHyun Models for Game “Daybreak for Kakao”

FNC Entertainment

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