On June 21st of MBC FM4U "2 O'Clock Date", AOA JiMin and HyeJeong named SeolHyun as the team's fashion terrorist.

It was revealed that AOA guested on the radio show on June 21st and the DJ asked SeolHyun if she dresses well now after being known as AOA's official fashion terrorist.

Replying his question, SeolHyun revealed that she did not hear people complimenting that she dresses well but she also did not hear people telling her that she is bad at styling her outfit. She continued by saying that she never really cared about how well each piece of clothing goes with each other and choose to wear what she felt like wearing from time to time.

AOA Thinks SeolHyun Is The Fashion Terrorist Of The Group?


Member JiMin said that when SeolHyun was still schooling, she would just grab whatever that was on top of her pile of clothes. She revealed that there was a time when she wore a t-shirt and pants that made her look like traffic light, causing laughter in the studio.

Currently, AOA had just finished their promotion for 'Bingle Bangle' on music shows.


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