AOA Official Facebook

On May 13, it was announced that AOA will continue to promote only as 5 members (JiMin, YuNa, HyeJeong, SeolHyun and ChanMi).

MiNa was said to be leaving the group as she had decided not to renew the contract with FNC Entertainment.

AOA To Continue Promotions As 5 Members, MiNa To Leave The Group

AOA Official Facebook

According to the official release by the agency, MiNa had decided to pursue her new dream and head for another path. They hope that fans would continue to support MiNa on her new journey despite leaving the company.

AOA first debuted back in 2012 and for the past 7 years, they have had hit songs such as 'Miniskirt', 'Heart Attack', 'Excuse Me' and so on.

We will be looking forward to AOA's future promotion and activities!


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