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On Feb. 13, it was reported through Korean media outlet, Newsen, that Kakao M's labels, Plan A Entertainment and Fave Entertainment will be merging together.

For those who are wondering, Plan A Entertainment houses artists such as Apink, VICTON, Huh Gak.

Apink's Agency, Plan A, To Merge With Fave Entertainment In April 2019

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As for Fave Entertainment, SBS "The Fan"'s Lim JiMin, MBC "Under Nineteen"'s Jeon DoYum, Jung JinSung and Lee SeungHwan. In addition to that, Fave Entertainment also revealed that they have plans to debut a new girl group, Fave Girls (temporary name).

On Apr. 1, artists under the two companies will become a new family.

Are you surprised by the merging of the companies?


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Feb 14, 2019 03:43 am

Right now there are many comments and possible news about companies merging, so I'm not too surprised.