It's been 6 years since Apink made a debut, and it seems that Bomi's fan service skills continue to grow as more time flows by.

Apink celebrated their 6th year anniversary since they mae a debut in 2011. To celebrate.... the girls just continued celebrating their upcoming comeback.

One of the reasons why Apink has become such a staple in the industry is because of their active communication with their fans. The girls give back all the love that they receive from their Pink Pandas, but Bomi is especially known for her being extra when it comes to fan services.

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Apink will be making another comeback in June for all the fans to see what kind of new fan service Bomi will have in store!


Bomi greeted fans with a friendly attitude and made finger heart poses.


When one of her fans asked her for a picture, she made a funny and sassy pose. 


 Even in the car, she made a sexy pose for the fans.


Finally, she made a sweet wink and finger heart.


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