EunJi of Apink is to join tv program “Law of the Jungle” in New Zealand.

Apink EunJi Ready to Follow the Law of the Jungle

MBK Entertainment

She would be joining SoYou of Sistar and Lee KyungKyu, a famous comedian in the program, but where they would travel to among the three jungles the producer chose is still unknown. She is not the first member of Apink to join the “Law of the Jungle”. HaYoung was a former member in episode filmed in the Republic of Guinea.

EunJi is known to be one of the powerful idol vocalist with amazing voice, as amazing as her smiles. Fans, as well as the public are fond of her voice, which was the main reason her solo albums were successful from the very first. Not to mention many featuring and collaborations songs as one of her achievement. Also, she also has a reputation in her acting career in several famous television dramas and variety programs.

Fans expect to see her fitting quite well in a jungle since she has such diverse aspects and abilities.

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