Marc Jacobs

Apink's NaEun was chosen as the model for Marc Jacobs Riley Touchscreen Smartwatch.

According to PlanA Entertainment, they announced the news that NaEun became the new model on June 5th. Marc Jacobs explained that they chose NaEun because of how she has the simple, chic yet stylish image that suits the newly released smart watch.

Marc Jacobs is well-known among many females for their simple and stylish designs. The new released smart watch has included Marc Jacobs's classical and elegant unique feature.

Apink's NaEun Chosen As Marc Jacobs Smart Watch New Model

Marc Jacobs

Currently, NaEun is the model for 6 different products such as beverages, handbag, cosmetics, sports brand and so on. She is revealed to become the next CF star due to the continuous love calls from many companies.

Recently, NaEun had successfully concluded the 7th anniversary of her debut with fellow Apink members. She will also be appearing in the movie 'Woman's Wail' as Ok Boon, showing to audiences her acting skills.


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