Apink released their second Japanese album “Pink ♡ Doll” on the 21st.

After their recent busy schedules of Asia Tour and concerts, Apink continues on with their activities by releasing their second Japanese album.

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Plan A Entertainment stated “With the release of their album on 21st, they will start off their activities with an interview with the local press, and various fan services with fans on 23rd in Osaka, 24th in Nagoya, and on 25th in Tokyo."

In the full album “Pink ♡ Doll”, there are total of 12 songs with: Japanese-original songs (the title song ‘My First Love’, ‘Shining Star’, ‘Say Yes’, ‘Fanfare’, and ‘IF I’) songs that have been released as a single before ( ‘Summer Time’, ‘Brand New Days’, ‘Sunshine Girl’, ‘Yeah’) and Japanese versions of popular Korean songs (‘IT GIRL’, ‘SUNDAY MONDAY’, and ‘Petal’).

The title song ‘My first love’ is a winter-themed song that reminds listeners of their first love with its lyrics and its cute melody. It’s expected to be a good confession song for the Christmas season.


Apink Releases Their 2nd Japanese Album, “Pink ♡ Doll”


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