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Girl Group Brand Reputation chart of July seemed to show a lot of change from that of the former ones.

Brand reputation chart basically shows how much influence one or a group has to customers. Since idols have fans more than that of most actors or actresses, brands try to use idols to advertise their products. The brands who targets age 10~ 20 especially try to have the most famous and popular idol as their model. Those groups who are in the top 10 of this chart means that they affect a lot in consumer's choices in buying things. 

TWICE was the constant big time groups since April to June in the chart. However, the flow seemed to have changed with the new black, Apink, this month. Since brands try to have the hottest idol group as their model, it is natural for those who have had comebacks to top the chart and those who are resting to go down in rank. Mamamoo took the 2nd place, followed by TWICE, BLACKPINK, T-ARA, WJSN, 9MUSES, Stellar, AOA and Red Velvet in order.

The chart is has evaluated participation, media, communication, community (from the left) and calculated them to have brand reputation (the red marked letters on the right).

Apink Tops July Big Data Charts for Girl Groups

Korea Reputation Center

Apink Tops July Big Data Charts for Girl Groups

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