6-member girl group April will start off DSP Media’s 2017 comebacks.

Through April’s official SNS, DSP Media made a surprise release of “Coming Up” teaser images, confirming April’s comeback.

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In the teaser image that was revealed, the text “2017. 1. 4. 00:00”—their comeback date—is written on a pastel tone background.

DSP Media stated “April has confirmed January 4th to be their comeback date, and are now working on the finishing touches of the album. The new album title “Prelude” refers to the “prelude” of April’s growth. Please continue to watch April to see how they will grow, and what they will grow up to be—starting with this album.  

April recently added new members Chaekyung and Rachel, and with the original members (ChaeWon, Naeun, Yena, Jinsol), they have now been regrouped as a 6-member girl group. April is scheduled to release the cover image of their upcoming mini album “Prelude” on the 22nd through their official SNS, increasing the hype for their album.

April to Have a Comeback with the Album “Prelude”


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