Produce 101, as we know, it a competition program where 11 trainee get to debut as a group and perform for certain time.

Are There Going to More Boys Picked in Produce 101 SE2?


However, Mnet is planning to add another rule to pick 24 more boys. (So, all in all 35 boys would be picked)

The 24 more boys are not going to be joining the final team, but they will be joining concerts held in the name of the team.

This might be regarded as a good idea  because 24 more trainees will get the chance to perform on stages as a reward of going through such competitive program.

What becomes the problem is that, according to what Mnet said, they are still deciding on whether they would have a final concert like I.O.I or hold concerts constantly for a fixed amount of time.

If they get to perform in the final concert, that would not be a problem.

However, if Mnet is going to open concerts constantly, there will be no difference from the system of Boys24.

To briefly tell you about the system of Boys24, they are the project group of Mnet exclusively for concerts. There is a concert hall just for Boys24 in Seoul, and they are performing almost 24/7.

They have something called “Mirror Member” and this member is someone who substitute for the main members when they are absent for whatever the reason.
Basically, when Produce 101 copies this system, there will be 11 boys with a named group and they will be seen on stages as well as programs on air. Also, there will be other 24 boys who will only be on stages, and they will sort of work as this “Mirror Member”.

The trainees who will be chosen as the 24 boys, cannot debut or work individually as a musician, but tied to Mnet.

This is such an unfair game to boy of final rank 12~35 since they cannot debut or perform whenever they want, but need to just wait as a substitute.

The public and the critics are strongly condemning Mnet for acting such a selfish way. Mnet is the 800 pound gorilla, so it would be hard for entertainments to refuse their offer.

There is no official statement about it yet, however, fans hope that there will be no more sacrifices like Boys 24.

Imagine not being able to see my bias debut for almost 2 years!

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