AAA 2018

It's been quite a year for K-Pop and South Korean celebrities in 2018. Asia Artist Awards 2018 is one of the biggest annual events that recognize and honor them for all the efforts that they have put in to not just their career but also to spreading Hallyu across the world.

The 2018 AAA took place on November 28th and if you're curious about the winners and results, look no further! You can check them out below!


Asia Artist Awards 2018 Winners And Results


AAA Focus (Artists) – D-Crunch & W24

AAA Focus (Actors) – Kim YongJi, Jin JooHyung, Shin HyunSoo

AAA Rising (Artists) – fromis_9 ,SF9

AAA Rising (Actors) – ASTRO’s Cha EunWoo, Jung InSun

AAA New Wave (Artists) – KARD, Cosmic Girls, gugudan

AAA New Wave (Actors) – SeolHyun (AOA)

AAA Favorite (Artists) – Chungha

AAA Favorite (Actors) – Sung Hoon

Korea Tourism Organization Appreciation Award – Lee ByungHun, BTS

AAA History of Song – Se7en

AAA X StarPay Popularity Award (Artists) – BTS

AAA X StarPay Popularity Award (Actors) – SeHun (EXO), IU

AAA Best Performance Director – Son SungDeuk (Big Hit Entertainment)

AAA Best Producer – Pdogg (Big Hit Entertainment)

AAA Best Creator – Won DongYeon (Along With the Gods)

AAA Choice – Snuper, Jasper Liu, Kwak SiYang, JinYoung

AAA Asia Hottest (Actors) – IU

AAA Asia Eco Creator – Park Hae Jin

AAA Fabulous (Artists) – BTS, TWICE

AAA Fabulous (Actors) – Lee ByungHun, Ha JungWoo

AAA Artists of the Year – Zico, Wanna One, iKON, TWICE, SEVENTEEN, MONSTA X, Mamamoo, GOT7, NU’EST W, Sunmi, BTS

AAA Actors of the Year – Lee SungKyung, JunHo (2PM), Ryu JunYeol, Jung HaeIn, IU, Lee SeungGi, Joo JiHoon, Yoo YeonSeok, Ha JungWoo, Lee ByungHun

AAA Rookie of the Year (Artists) – IZ*ONE, Stray Kids, (G)I-DLE, THE BOYZ

AAA Rookie of the Year (Actors) – Kim DaMi & Jang KiYong

AAA Best Icon (Artists) – MONSTA X & MOMOLAND

AAA Best Icon (Actors) – Choi TaeJoon, L (INFINITE)

AAA Asia Brilliant – MinHo (SHINee), Lee DaHee, AOA

AAA Asia Trend – Jung HaeIn, YoonA (Girls' Generation)

AAA Asia Celebrity – Suzy

AAA Best Music – NU’EST W, SunMi, Mamamoo

AAA Best Emotive – Jung HaeIn, JunHo (2PM), Lee SungKyung

AAA Best Popular (Artists) – GOT7

AAA Best Popular (Actors) – Ryu JunYeol, Lee SeungGi

AAA Best Musician – Zico, iKON

AAA Best Actor – Joo JiHoon, Yoo YeonSeok, IU

AAA Best Artist (Artists) – TWICE, Wanna One, SEVENTEEN

AAA Best Artist (Actors) – Ha JungWoo

Artist Daesang – BTS

Actor Daesang – Lee ByungHun


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