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Congratulations to boy group, ASTRO, for winning their first number one trophy on music show!

On Jan. 29, ASTRO received the number one trophy on SBS MTV "The Show" with their current title track, 'All Night'. If you have yet to check out the song, be sure to watch their music video below.

They received a total of 8170 points, beating ATEEZ and WJSN who were the nominees for the number one spot.

ASTRO Claims No. 1 Trophy For The First Time Since Debut With 'All Night'


The boys were extremely surprised and happy to find out that they have won! You can also check out their encore stage below.

They definitely did not forget to thank their fans for making their dreams come true! Before they left the stage, they kept waving and thanking their fans for their continuous effort.

ASTRO Claims No. 1 Trophy For The First Time Since Debut With 'All Night'

ASTRO Official

ASTRO later also uploaded pictures of them celebrating together with a cake!

Fans from all over the world were extremely happy and proud of ASTRO for clinching the top spot on the music show. They congratulated the boys through social media and hope that they will continue to do well!

ASTRO will be having their 3rd fanmeeting "The 3rd ASTRO AROHA Festival [BLACK]' on Mar. 2 and then begin their "The 2nd ASTROAD TOUR".


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