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Four ATEEZ members are acting in the new drama "Imitation" about idols. So there is no wonder why ATINY is talking about the drama and is curious about it.

On May 11, WooYoung and HongJoong held a V-Live, and fans asked them to chose between SHAX and SPARKLING, the two fictional groups of the drama starring their fellow members.

ATEEZ's WooYoung & HongJoong Mention Their Favorite Groups In Drama "Imitation"

ATEEZ V-Live Screenshot

YunHo is one of the lead actors of the drama and he is part of SPARKLING with fellow members San and SeongHwa who have supporting roles. As for JongHo, he is part of SHAX as a supporting role.

The two groups have different concepts, SPARKLING has a refreshing and cute concept as for SHAX the group has a powerful and charismatic concept. For more about the groups and the drama, you can check our cast and summary here.

ATEEZ's WooYoung & HongJoong Mention Their Favorite Groups In Drama "Imitation"


WooYoung answered that he liked SHAX because they are cool. HongJoong answered SPARKLING because they are doing a refreshing concept something different from what ATEEZ had mainly shown. (Note that their explanations were inter-cut because of their bad connection.)

You can watch their V-Live divided into two-part below.

Do you have a favorite group in "Imitation"?


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