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"KINGDOM: LEGENDARY WAR" just started yesterday and all the participating teams  ATEEZBTOBiKONSF9Stray Kids, and THE BOYZ prepared stunning stages!

Aside from the amazing performances, there were a lot of interactions between the groups. Many idols of the show are known to be friends (check out some of them here).

Among them, ATEEZ's WooYoung and Stray Kids' ChangBin are known to be close friends. The two already showed their friendship in the first episode.

ATEEZ's WooYoung & Stray Kids' ChangBin Show Close Friendship On First Episode Of "KINGDOM: LEGENDARY WAR"

ATEEZ Twitter / Stray Kids Instagram

Let's check out their interactions.

When ATEEZ came back from performing, ChangBin praised WooYoung for being cool and they did a fist bump.

When Stray Kids was about to perform, WooYoung was worrying and advice ChangBin to stretch more. Check out their interaction in the video below.


i live for this interaction 😩 #wooyoung #changbin #ateez #straykids #atiny #stay #kingdom #kingdomlegendarywar

♬ original sound - sanchan - san ・ᴗ・

When Stray Kids was performing on stage, WooYoung was seen cheering very hard and brightly.

Fans love to see their adorable friendship! ChangBin and WooYoung first met in high school when ChangBin was the friend of a friend of WooYoung. They met again as idols and became close friends.

Do you also love their interactions in the first episode?


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