Imagine the disaster that would have ensued if some crazed hacker hacked into a high-profile celebrity's Instagram account. We can already picture the possible scenarios right? Obviously, the person's image, career, and privacy would potentially be jeopardized.

South Korean actor Lee JongSuk had a close call with a scenario very much like the one described above. The actor uploaded on Instagram, a screenshot of a message from Instagram's admin that notified him of someone other than him trying to log into his account.


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누구세요.. 그러지마요..

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The actor also requested to the person attempting to hack into his account "Who are you..? Please don't do this.."

Judging by the message show above, it seems that someone who was in DaeJeon, South Korea was behind the incident.


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Nov 29, 2018 12:39 am

Lucky LJS stop it.