Just recently, JTBC released an audio clip of a conversation that took place between K-Pop idol band The East Light's leader Lee SukChul and their agency's CEO Kim ChangHwan.

The East Light members have been the center of attention lately after reports that they were physically abused for nearly four years by a producer within their agency, including having been strangled by electric guitar wires and beaten by baseball bats.

After exposing the horrendous acts committed by the producer during a press conference, Lee SukChul seemed to have had a conversation with the agency's CEO. Below is a transcript of what was said to him.

"If you guys were entrusted to someone to be taken care of, I shouldn't intervene, even if you guys are being beaten. Think about the effect of appearing on the media, you ****s have no where to go. What agency will take in *****s like you who were associated with a problem? You're only making the problem bigger for your parents right now. 10 times bigger for them."

The audio clip begins at 1:16.

The agency's CEO has stated that the words he said were to toughen up the band members and for their well-being.


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