The Bad Boys of K-Pop We Can’t Help But Love

Wherever you go, whichever scene you are a part of, you will always run into a significant few that just strike off as a red flag at first sight.


These individuals generally have a strong memorable character, exhibit erratic behavior, and don’t really seem to care about anything except the things they want. They do whatever they like and think about the consequences later. In a way, they are blessed with natural traits that allow them to exist the way they do, allowing them to get away with things that others wouldn’t be able to get away with. The K-Pop entertainment industry is especially a place where idols and their management have to move carefully, to avoid treading in dangerous waters that could potentially tarnish reputations. After all, it’s well known that losing face in an Asian culture is sometimes worse than death itself. Surprisingly, there are still some that aren’t directly affected by that culture despite being a part of it at the same time. They make headlines from drugs and various other scandals, but the public eventually just seems to forget that anything ever happened as they cheer for them.

Jay Park

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Probably the most iconic figure and the first name that most people think of when it comes to the bad boy image of K-Pop. Jay Park is basically the Justin Bieber of South Korea. In fact, the star had troublesome things happening for him the moment he came into the spotlight for the first time to the public as the leader of JYP Entertainment’s 2PM. His comments about South Korea were misunderstood by the public and consequently received immense backlash. Rumors of him with another female idol having an abortion ran rampant at one point as well. Whatever he may or may not have done in the past isn’t relevant any longer, given his immense success in establishing a name for himself as not just a singer but as a businessman as well. Fans just can’t get enough of him. It’s also highly like that whatever scandalous acts he may exhibit in the future, it would only enhance his current stardom and popularity. More importantly, it’s hard to dislike him when you listen to his music and watch him perform. He knows what music listeners want and doesn’t fail to deliver nearly every time.

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He’s not exactly an idol that young girls would drool over but nevertheless, a globally successful K-Pop artist with witty demeanor and ‘badassery’ that comes second to none. And actually, who cares about looking like a pretty boy and making teenage girls scream when you can instead sell out shows all over the world and be so rich you have money to burn. Binge drinking, racism, and drugs sum up this superstar’s troubles. He ran into legal issues in late 2001 when he was arrested for smoking and possessing marijuana. He was also known previously for his anti-American sentiments and it eventually caught up with him as his fame grew bigger. But it doesn’t seem to matter since his eventual stardom was able to sweep fans across all over the United States with ‘Gangnam Style’.




He is probably K-Pop’s most iconic superstar idol. He has worked with sought-after artists and producers overseas and has a strong presence in both music and fashion. Young idols want to be just like him and look up to him as a main source of inspiration. There is no denying that G-Dragon possesses something more special than any other ordinary idols. He has even been specifically mentioned as a favorite artist by Charli XCX. However, his drug scandals in the past have caused not only commotion alone but laughter as well amongst the public. Whether it’s believable or not we must say that both the accusations made against him and his response are equally entertaining. If in fact the accusations made against him in the past are true, we can’t deny he has gut and brains to stay out of jail. If the accusations were false, it’s mind blowing and hilarious how unlucky his circumstances were to have landed himself in his past predicaments. But whichever it is, we really don’t care. We like G-Dragon for the artist he is and the more issue surrounding him, the better.

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