YMC Entertainment boy group Wanna One's world tour 'One: The World' has finally kicked off with them holding their first concert for the tour in Seoul's GoCheok Sky Dome.

Fans were able to see both what could the expected and unexpected on June 2nd. As expected, Wanna One put on an amazing performance filled with their youthful energy. What was unexpected however was that two of the members had an unfortunate accident while performing on stage.

During the performance of their song 'Pick Me', Bae JinYoung and Ong SeongWu crashed into each other, causing a minor injury to JinYoung's ear. The collision caused the in-ear audio equipment inside JinYoung's ear to tear the outer part of his skin. He was rushed off stage to be treated since he was bleeding as well.

Ong SeongWu, was seen in tears apologizing to all the fans who came to see JinYoung.

A few moments later, staff members announced that JinYoung was okay and the injury wasn't too big of a problem. JinYoung was seen in tears as well after returning back to the stage for worrying everyone.


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