Bang YongGuk of B.A.P Causes Controversy with ’Yamazaki’ MV

Bang YongGuk, member of K-Pop group B.A.P and rapper, has gained some mixed reviews and reactions for his singe ‘Yamazaki’.

The music video has been under fire by some netizens claiming it sexualizes and degrades women. Along with the accusation is another one claiming that it contains provocative and gory imageries as well. And the conclusive reason why the whole thing became an issue was that there have never been idols that presented themselves the way Bang YongGuk did with so-called ‘provocative’ visuals.

While the video does contain certain mature content, we can’t help but question the maturity of people making such criticisms against the singer. Sexualization is something that is done in entertainment all the time. And it has been applied repeatedly to both men and women. As K-pop fans, we should ask ourselves if idols are not to be granted the creative freedom to express themselves, whether it comes in the form of sex and violence. It is disappointing and laughable to think that K-Pop is just limited to the typical ‘bubbly’ and ‘bright’ G-rated material. We certainly don’t hope that there are still South Korean K-Pop fans that are old-minded, pretentiously conservative without a clear reason, and ignorant about music entertainment contents on a global scale. Shifting perspectives, there is alternatively a possibility that netizens being critical of the B.A.P singer are actually just simply not satisfied with the quality of the music video. It’s possible because many people view the contents created by artists such as Jay Park and appreciate the art form. We have to remember that Jay Park was once part of a male idol boy band, 2PM and is still an idol as well. If you watch the videos, you’ll notice how similar ideas and subject matters are all incorporated into all the videos.

Beautiful sexy women and even cutting chicken heads, all the elements are there just like Yamazaki. And so there is also a possibility that Bang YongGuk has only been able to so far reach a market in South Korea that consists mainly of middle and high school students who are only used to watching exclusively bright K-Pop contents and G-rated videos, or potentially older people with the minds of middle and high school students. If such is the case, the steps an idol must take in order to release solo contents must be revised and a method to cater to a wider audience should be considered for long term success. Many fans overseas conversely have applauded YongGuk for his rap style and concept of ‘Yamazaki’. There is a divide of K-Pop fans in South Korea. Basically, ones that understand the cultural roots and intended artistic concept, and ones that are like ignorant sheep and criticize anything outside their comfort zone.  While there are comments of criticism, there are also comments that support the ‘Yamazaki’ singer.

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