B.A.P HimChan Stops Performances for Health Issue

One of the B.A.P member, HimChan will not be performing for a while because he faced some problems with his health.

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TS Entertainment has officially stated that he was diagnosed with fatigue fraction, however, because he still wanted to be with the team on stage, he performed for a while. However, after the performance on 15th in Show Champion, they decided, after having a discussion with him, that he needed some rest.

B.A.P has been continuing their performance of “Rose” since March 7th and there is nothing changed with the team’s schedule but just for Him Chan.

He is to be back to his team on stage as soon as he feels better, and the company will wait for him till he recovers his full health.

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B.A.P’s Bang YongGuk is the Next K-Pop Idol to Take a Break for Health Issues

B.A.P’s Bang YongGuk is the next idol in line to stop all promotions due to a health issue.

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K-Pop idols have been falling ill left and right, preventing them from properly finishing their promotions with their group. However, B.A.P’s leader Bang YongGuk has declared a break due to health issues even before officially launching off their comeback.

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TS Entertainment announced that B.A.P will be promoting their upcoming album, “Noir”, as a 5 member group. They explained, “After visiting the hospital, Bang YongGuk was diagnosed with a mental panic disorder. In hopes of helping him get better as soon as possible, the album will be promoted as a 5 member group.”

While the group promotes, Bang YongGuk will undergo treatments and only focus on getting back to health.

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TS Entertainment

WINNER’s Comeback Plans Delayed as TaeHyun Takes a Break for Health Issues

It appears October is the month of deteriorating health as WINNER’s TaeHyun also announced his break from all schedules.

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WINNER’s comeback plans have been delayed farther after news broke that TaeHyun will be halting all activities due to his health issues.

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YG Entertainment announced, “We formally announce the delay of WINNER’s comeback due to an unexpected situation.” The agency continued to clarify, “The reason for the delay is the health issue of member TaeHyun. He had been suffering from psychological health issues ever since his trainee days, and has been getting worse over the past few months.”

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YG Entertainment

YG had sat down with the idol and his mother to discuss the situation months ago, where all parties agreed that continuing with his WINNER schedules would be too much on his deteriorating health. He started off by pulling out of abroad schedules and had been receiving proper treatment over the past months. The decision was made after putting the health of the artist as top priority.

Much of the Inner Circles were left hanging when WINNER launched their project album series “EXIT” this past February. After the promotions of the first series, “E”, there was no news about the following 3 albums. However, YG finally stepped up to explain the reasoning of the continuous delay.

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YG Entertainment

The label explained, “We were unable to relay the news of the delays faster, because it is difficult to decide when a patient with psychological health issues will be able to recuperate. We had hoped to continue the group’s promotions right on through, but were unfortunately unable to do so.”

TaeHyun has been receiving treatment while not as his dorm, but spending time with his family where it is more comfortable for the artist. YG concluded its announcement by saying, “We are unfortunately unable to set a definite date for WINNER’s next promotions, but we will do our best with the members to ensure a safe and healthy comeback.”

Best of luck for TaeHyun and the WINNER members. We think Inner Circles will completely understand their reason for delay as the health of our idols is most important.