Starting with Seoul in March, group B.A.P will be holding 2017 World Tour.

TS Entertainment announced “B.A.P 2017 WORLD TOUR ‘PARTY BABY’ SEOUL BOOM” on 2nd through B.A.P’s official channel.

According to TS Entertainment, “Party Baby” that will kick off B.A.P’s 2017 World Tour, will focus on interactive stages with fans to allow fans to experience performances at a closer distance and enjoy the concert with B.A.P. Fans will be able to enjoy charms that they weren’t able to see in “B.A.P Live on Earth”.

B.A.P will not only present their hit songs but will also prepare stages with several DJs. Fans will be able to enjoy a party that they cannot experience in tours in other countries.

This concert will also have a “party look” dress code, giving the audience a chance to make unique memories.

The fanclub early ticketing will start on 9th 8PM KST, and normal ticketing will start on 13th.

B.A.P’s Seoul concert will be held on March 24-26th in Blue Square Samsung Card Hall.

B.A.P to Party with Fans in “2017 WORLD TOUR ‘PARTY BABY’ SEOUL BOOM”

TS Entertainment

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