Battle Of The Girl Group Visuals! Six Stunners You Need To Know



Battle Of The Girl Group Visuals! Six Stunners You Need To Know

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Are we the only ones falling in love with girl group members lately?

With their versatile charm and talent to boot, girl group members have always been the objects of our affection, but some of the visuals that have been coming out lately have made us insta-fans with their striking looks and charisma.

Here are six girl crush-worthy ladies that you need to know about if you don’t yet! (No, really. You can thank us later!)

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1. PRISTIN’s KyulKyung

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Twitter @JL_Upload

As a former I.O.I member, KyulKyung attracted the attention of “Produce 101” fans with her pretty visuals. These days, Korean press are crediting KyulKyung as “driving the popularity” of her new group Pristin. Not only is her look elegant and refined, but she’s 100% charming too!

[WPGP gif_id=”89442″ width=”600″]


2. Cosmic Girls’ BoNa

bona, cosmic girls, kpop visuals, bona visuals, bona pretty

Twitter @bonapics0819

Pardon our pun, but we’ve got to be real here – Cosmic Girls’ BoNa is a bona-fide babe! When she’s not smiling, she might give off quite the ‘ice princess’ image, but the moment she smiles, it’s too late! You’ve already fallen in love.

[WPGP gif_id=”89444″ width=”600″]


3. April’s NaEun

naeun, april, kpop visuals, naeun visuals, nauen pretty

Twitter @aprilnaeun_th

April’s NaEun has the ultimate Disney princess visuals. With her innocent beauty and easy-going personality, there’s nothing not to love about the singer. Can you tell she’s a total hit at fan meetings?

[WPGP gif_id=”89452″ width=”600″]


4. Weki Meki’s DoYeon

doyeon, weki meki, kpop visuals, doyeon visuals, doyeon pretty

Twitter @do_yeon_1201

Does it really surprise anyone that ‘flower garden’ Fantagio was able to produce such a stunning idol? Another former I.O.I member, DoYeon was able to carry fans from her “Produce 101” success all the way to Weki Meki. Koreans are fans of her “beagle-like” beauty.

[WPGP gif_id=”89459″ width=”600″]


5. Dreamcatcher’s JiU

If you thought she was pretty enough, Dreamcatcher’s JiU has a reputation among Korean press for being even more stunning in real life! Fans are attracted not only to her visuals, but her “gentle charisma” that makes you really want to be one of her friends.

[WPGP gif_id=”89461″ width=”600″]


6. gugudan’s HaNa

hana gugudan, kpop visuals, hana visuals, hana pretty

Twitter @HANAVI_KR

gugudan’s HaNa is famous for the “reversal charm” of her visuals. One minute, she’s an elegant, smoldering beauty queen, while in the next, she’s got a bright smile and a youthful energy that gives away her more playful character.

[WPGP gif_id=”89464″ width=”600″]


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Okay but where is Irene from Red Velvet and Tzuyu from Twice?




Where is YooA and Jiho from Oh My Girl?


Someone said “there’s a girl group war going on” – everyone’s a visual these days! Yes, these 6 girls are gorgeous (Doyeon is like a supermodel!). But in recent years – its the ‘face of the group’, not ‘visual’ that pull the fans’ attention; and new groups now distinguish between the two positions. Notice how Sejeong/ Yoojung/ Yeonjung/ Kyulkyung share as much MV screen time as Hana/ Doyeon/ Bona/ Xiyeon (Pristin’s real visual)? We should recognize that the ‘face of the group’ is the new center. After all, its the 4-D, ‘cider voice’, viral hit makers like Hani, Hyeri, Eunji,… Read more »